Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'd Love to See LOVE

Cirque du Soleil + The Beatles

If you love The Beatles.

Or if you love Cirque du Soleil.

Then you'll love LOVE.
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Fireworks Still Alive (for now)
Bye, Bye Freehand & GoLive

Save Fireworks

Someone from Adobe announced that they will halt production on Freehand and GoLive. Hopefully, this means Fireworks will survive.

I'm a huge fan of Fireworks. The compression algorithms alone are worth it. Its slicing makes more sense. And it works more like an illustration program than a raster image program, therefore, layout is much more fluid. I'm hoping to the www and adobe gods that Fireworks sticks around. As for Freehand and GoLive, I can live without them.

Now, don't get me wrong. For the longest time, I used Freehand as my main illustration program. And, in some ways, it has a few unbeatable features. For example, it's very easy to automatically have all the colors in a file show up in the color palette. I know it sounds simple, but when you're working on a project where there are errant spot colors showing up in your separations, it's as simple as going to Xtras > Colors > Name All Colors. And, like magic, all of the colors show up in the palette and it's a matter of replacing them. You can't do that in Illustrator. And I happen to like Freehand's 3D tool for quick and dirty stuff. Those are the only two features I'd carry over to Illustrator though. The rest you can trash.

And I started building web sites using GoLive Cyberstudio v1. That eventually turned into GoLive Cyberstudio 2 -- the best WYSIWYG HTML editor at the time. Dreamweaver was just a baby and PageMill was total crap. It even had a really neat timeline for animating CSS layers! YES!!! That was in 1997!!!
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Excellent Links I've Meant to Post, but Haven't...

Here are a bunch of really fun links I have no time preparing images for. (For fun, I also post the date when I had a draft ready, but didn't post. That way you can see just how busy/lazy I really am!)

Visual Scratch. 4.24.06

World Press Photo of the Year. 4.24.06

Rain Forest short movie. 4.24.06

Dance Monkey, Dance! 4.24.06

1986, Bill Buckner in a Way You've Never Seen Before. 4.12.06

Bif! Bam! Batman!. 4.2.06

Sometimes heaven and earth erupt together. 2.01.06

Get fit with Gion. 1.26.06

My, my 1.26.06

Portable Light. 1.25.06
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Immersive Collage

WOW, courtesy of Just pick a spot, click and enjoy.
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

SmackBook Pro

Monday, May 22, 2006

And You Thought A4 Was Just a Compact Audi


This link is specifically for my graphic design geek readers. It gives a concise explanation of how the ISO 216 system works.
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In Bonds' Math, 714 Equals 616


Great article from ESPN Page 2 that gives a scientific approach to figuring out how many home runs Barry Bonds would have hit to date had he kept the same strength, stamina, longevity and confidence from 1988 until today.
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