Monday, July 21, 2008

Things to Remember When Youth Marketing

Needless to say, this list was outdated before I could post it.

- Txt message over phone calls.
- A lot of them take more pictures with their cell phones than make phone calls.
- Yes, they spend time at Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. But don't forget Google.
- The SATs are harder than the ACTs.
- The ACTs are harder than the SATs.
- Actual conversation:
Youth Sometimes those games on web pages are fun.
Me Games? Like on AddictingGames?
Youth Yeah, those too. But the ones on other pages, too. Like those... (pointing)
Me You mean ad banners?
Youth Yeah.
Me You find those games in ad banners fun?
Youth Yeah... like sometimes.
- Email is for communicating with older people.
- When communicating with youth, be yourself. That means you too, Brands.
- "History is a harder subject now because there's more of it to study."
- Music is still the common language. So is the price of gasoline.
- Download music before buying music. Listen in the car.
- In-game advertising adds to the realism of games. They're pandered to in real life, so why not in the game?
- They still listen to their parents.
- Download time trumps video quality.
- Word of mouth trumps download time.
- Sorry, the fact that your 3-year-old knows how to use a mouse is not all that special.
- WTF is youth marketing?
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