Today is my last day as Director of Creative at Visual Goodness. And I thank the ownership profusely. I’ve succeeded because of them. In 7 years, here’s a very truncated list of brands I’ve done work for: Toyota, Puma, Lexus, American Express, Bank of America, Walmart, Nike, Air Force, Canon, The NFL, Wynn Hotels, Kraft and so on and so on.

But Working with the People is the Real Win

In my years at VG I’ve worked with a lot of tremendous talent: developers, designers, producers and sales people.

An unreal percentage of those people have gone on to amazing positions in and around the industry. In a span of seven years I’ve seen former producers become executives and directors of productions. I’ve seen front end developers become department heads for entire teams of developers. I’ve seen fellow creative and art directors go on to become business owners heralded by their clients, the media and the industry. And I have friends who have gone from designers to becoming directors of digital design at some of the most amazing creative shops and brands in the world.

So, everybody’s asking, “Where are you going to next?”

They’re not asking, “Are you going to be okay?” And that’s fine. And honestly I take it as a compliment. Because in asking where I’m going to next, they know I’m not going to stay still for very long.

The answer to where I’m going next is hopefully rooted in the legacy that is Visual Goodness: producing people who make the next great things in the world. Catherine Patterson, SVP Executive Producer, McCann Erickson, told me and the folks at Visual Goodness just last week that VG has long branches and roots in the family tree that is the ad industry. She even went so far to say that if it weren’t for VG she probably wouldn’t be where she is now and a lot of people wouldn’t be where they are.

Creating My Own Legacy

Her observation is a common chorus across the industry. And I look at it as inspiration and hope for what I can do next in the industry. Whether I’m doing it for agencies or brands, I’m hoping to find something where I can do something that brings me joy and hopefully a good amount of fortune.

I’ll be following up with other posts for sure. I’ll be reaching out to all of you my friends in the near future. I’m going to gather my thoughts and my talents and focus them like a tip of a spear.

In the meantime I have two fantastic kids and a beyond-amazing wife who are going to help me through to the next stage.


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