About Me

Award-Winning Interactive Creative Director, Designer and Photographer

Good designers think like users. Effective designers think like business owners. Successful designers think like both of them.

I’ve worked in the design and advertising industry for over 17 years. I’ve won Art Director awards, been a part of teams that have won international awards and led some of the most talented teams in the industry.

My years at a digital creative company like Visual Goodness have allowed me to excel for premier brands such as AT&T, the NFL, Puma, Toyota and more (see a more complete list here). I’ve led entire teams on projects with a range of complexity: from Facebook applications to dynamically-generated video pieces. I’ve developed digital strategies, concepted and designed interactive SMS-driven outdoor projections and large site redesigns.

My approach is to connect and create: I find ways to match the values between the client and the audience and connect them through design. This approach has led me to broadening my core design skills by adding digital strategy, photography, code development and producing.

What you see here is a very small percentage of what I’ve been able to create. If you have any questions, want to see more samples or simply want to chat, email me at mark@gomarky.com or call me at 908.377.1703.

My Approach

I bring brands and consumers closer by creating Designs based upon common values.


What clients say they want and what they really want don’t completely overlap.

And what they need is often outside of what they say they want as well.

But the place where all three overlap is what they truly value.


And when a client comes into contact with a customer, they too have overlapping values.

That overlapping area is where they possess common values. And where you have common values, you have much more trust.

And Design brings them closer and creates more common values and more trust.