AT&T Wireless—Final Friend Facebook App

Game Logic, UX/IA & Visual Design

BBDO reached out to Visual Goodness to partner with them on the AT&T Final Friend Facebook app for the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. BBDO’s concept involved a NCAA-bracket-based sweepstakes to determine a user’s “final friend” for a chance to attend the NCCA Tournament Final in Houston. The directive: build something fun, engaging, and most importantly it should foster connections with your friends.

I personally developed the game logic, UX/IA design and visual design. I engineered an experience that guided desktop and mobile users through a selection process that mimicked the NCAA Tournament itself. The app chose 64 of your most active friends and placed them into regional brackets. You would then choose friends one-on-one tournament-style, narrowing it down to a Final Four, who would face-off in a customized Q&A session about the user to determine who would be the “Final Friend”. VG designed and built a cross platform front end  for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), and had a unified back end.

BBDO also created a video case study. (When they say “expert bracketologists”, they’re referring to me and the rest of the Visual Goodness team.)